Stanislav Ivanovich LYOVUSHKIN - papers on Opiliones

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Stanislav Ivanovich LYOVUSHKIN

Станислав Иванович Левушкин

Birthdate: 1935

Birthplace: Russia

BIOGRAPHY: A famous Russian specialist on cave fauna and various invertebrate groups (incl. Opiliones), also dealt with certain aspects of theoretical biology. He was graduated from the Faculty of Biology and Soil Sciences of the Moscow State University in 1958. In 1958-1959, a research technician in the Lab. of Speleology of the Russian Academy of Sciences; in 1959-1962, a research technician and then a junior researcher in the Lab. of Hydrobiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He got his PhD degree in the Dept. of Zoology of Invertebrates of the Moscow State University in 1962-1965 his PhD thesis was ‘The cave fauna of main karst regions of the USSR’. In 1965-1967, he worked as a junior researcher of the same department, and since 1967 as a reader there. In 1969, he worked in the Section of Invertebrates of the Zoological Museum of the Moscow University, sorting out the collections of cave Crustacea from the Transcaucasia. S.I. Lyovushkin has published over 65 scholar papers.


  • Jason Dunlop (allowed access to facilities in ZMB, Berlin) // Hans-Ulrich Raake (helped me find titles, locate volumes, operate scan machine in ZMB, Berlin) // Ian S. Kury (sacrificed his leisure time to assist with the biblio-hunting in Berlin, 2009 - 1966, 1972b)
  • Mariana Lucas (digitalized - L&S 1963)
  • COMUT (provided PDF - 1972a)


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