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Prashant Pradeep SHARMA

Birthdate: March 15, 1984

Birthplace: Bardoli, India

Co-authors: Deshbushan Bastawade, Ligia Benavides, Sarah Boyer, Ron Clouse, Gonzalo Giribet, Indika Karunarathna, Adriano Kury, Carlos Prieto, Peter Schwendinger.

BIOGRAPHY: Prashant Sharma doctored in the lab of Gonzalo Giribet. He began working on Opiliones as an undergraduate assistant for Sarah Boyer during her PhD project. His interests include the biogeography and opiliofauna of Southeast Asia and the Southwest Pacific. Currently a professor at University of Wisconsin–Madison, Department of Integrative Biology, United States, Madison

Updated info on Prashant's works (with many PDFs) may be found in Research Gate.

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