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Emanuel BARTOŠ

Birthdate: 2 April 1902

Birthplace: Maglajani, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Died: 22 March 1966, Prague.

BIOGRAPHY: Very important personality in Czechoslovak aquatic zoology, Rhizopoda, Rotatoria and Tardigrada. Born in Bosnia, attended school in Bohemia. In 1922 started studying Natural History at the University of Prague. Lived in a number of different locations in Slovakia and Bohemia. Earned his RNDr in 1934. Became a docent at Charles University in Prague in 1947. For many years he was president of the Czechoslovak Zoological Society. Worked mainly in aquatic groups besides Arachnida. In 1957 he was awarded Dr. Sc.


Sládeček, Vladimir, 1967. †Prof. Dr. Emanuel Bartoš (1902–1966). Hydrobiologia, 30(1): 183 – 189. [Publication date is July 1967]. Has a publication list, which unfortunately omitted the terrestrial groups.

Kunst, M., 1967. †Dr. Emanuel Bartos Dr.Sc. 2 April 1902-22 March 1966. Acta ent. bohem., 64: 79-80.


  • Ian S. Kury (took photos in Staatsbibliothek, Berlin - 1939a)
  • Anja Friederichs (allowed access to Staatsbibliothek, Berlin - 1939a)
  • Pavel Bezděčka (contributed PDF - 1941)
  • Ricardo Pinto-da-Rocha (made photocopies in Frankfurt - 1939b)
  • Ute Kaczinski (helped me out a lot in Müncheberg - 1939c, 1949)
  • Ian S. Kury (joined me in the rushed trip to Müncheberg and drove the scan machine - 1939c, 1949)

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