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Deshbhushan B. BASTAWADE

Birthdate: 19 November 1948

Birthplace: P. O. BHOSE, Tal. : Miraj, Dist. : Sangli, State : Maharashtra, INDIA.

Qualification: M. Sc.(Zoology), Ph. D. (Scorpiology)

Scientific Contributions: 63 Papers (English on Indian Scorpions, Spiders, Opiliones and Schizomida).
1 Book (English, co-author Fauna of India Scorpions).
1 Book (Marathi).

BIOGRAPHY: Dr. Bastawade does research on other arachnids, such as scorpions, solifugae and spiders. He also supervises varied works of Indian Arachnida, including review of types of Opiliones.

Institute: Zoological Survey of India, Western Regional Station
Street: Rawet Road, Sector 29, Akurdi
Postal code :411041
City: Pune
Province/state: Maharashtra
Country: India


CO-AUTHORS: N. Das, G. Giribet, P. Sharma.


  • Jason Dunlop / Hans-Ulrich Raake / Ian S. Kury (biblio-hunting in Berlin -PDF 1992, 2002)
  • Ian S. Kury (provided PDFs 2006, 2008)


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