Frank D'AMICO- papers on Opiliones

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Birthdate: 1966

Birthplace: France


Biographical sketch:

Frank D'Amico is a Senior Lecturer in Ecology, Freshwater Biology and Ecological Statistics at University of Pau, France. He has a degree in medical and veterinary entomology and a PhD in epidemiology. His past interests were in harvestmen, dragonflies and birds. He has been studying in Africa transmission of sleeping sickness by tsetse flies and other insect vectors. He now deals with behavioural ecology of river birds and the study of long-term change in seabird communities. Once retired, he plans to come back to the study of Opiliones (?).

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  D’Amico, F. & Danflous, S. (2015). North Pyrenean populations of Megabunus diadema (Fabricius, 1779) (Arachnida: Opiliones) are characterized by highly male-biased sex ratios. Pirineos, 170, e016. doi:
  D’Amico, F. (2015). Polymorphisme de l’épine frontale et du diadème oculaire chez Megabunus diadema (Fabricius, 1779) (Arachnida, Opiliones). Revue Arachnologique. 2(2) : 34-37.
FAIN A. & D'AMICO F. (1997) Observations on the larval mites (Acari) parasitic on Opiliones from the French Pyrenees. International Journal of Acarology, 23(1) : 39-48.
D'AMICO F. & BESSON J.P. (1995). Les Opilions dans les écosystèmes montagnards pyrénéens. I. Les Opilions de la haute vallée d'Ossau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques; France). Pirineos 145 : 93-102.
D'AMICO F. (1990). Paroligolophus meadii (Pickard-Cambridge, 1890) un Opilion nouveau pour la France. Revue d'Arachnologie, 8(14): 221-226.
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