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CO-AUTHORS: Casey H. Richart, Hedin M, J Ledford, DB Steinmann, Starrett J.




DISCLAIMER — This resource was first intended as for private use of the members of the arachnology lab of Museu Nacional, but later we thought "why not to share this with the world?". Eventually if greedy lawyers (redundance...) start to bother us with copyright matters, etc, we may have to be forced to quit the project and keep this just to ourselves.
Derkarabetian, S. & Hedin, M. (2014) Integrative taxonomy and species delimitation in harvestmen: a revision of the Western north american genus Sclerobunus (Opiliones: Laniatores: Travunioidea) PloS One 2014 9(8): e104982
Derkarabetian, S, DB Steinmann & M Hedin (2010) Repeated and time-correlated morphological convergence in cave-dwelling harvestmen (Opiliones, Laniatores) from montane western North America. PLOS One, 5(5), e10388.
Derkarabetian S, J Ledford & M Hedin (2011) Genetic diversification without obvious genitalic morphological divergence in harvestmen (Opiliones, Laniatores, Sclerobunus robustus) from montane sky islands of western North America. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 61, 844-853.
Hedin M, S Derkarabetian, M McCormack, C Richart & JW Shultz (2010) The phylogenetic utility of the nuclear protein-coding gene EF-1a for resolving recent divergences in Opiliones, emphasizing intron evolution. Journal of Arachnology, 38, 9-20.
Shear, W.A. & Derkarabetian, Shahan (2008) Nomenclatorial changes in Triaenonychidae: Sclerobunus parvus Roewer is a junior synonym of Paranonychus brunneus (Banks), Mutusnonychus Suzuki is a junior synonym of Paranonychus Briggs, and Kaolinonychinae Suzuki is a junior synonym of Paranonychinae Briggs (Opiliones: Triaenonychidae). Zootaxa, 1809, 67–68.
Starrett, J., Derkarabetian, S., Richart, C.H., Cabrero, A. & Hedin, M. (2016) A new monster from southwest Oregon forests: Cryptomaster behemoth sp. n. (Opiliones, Laniatores, Travunioidea). ZooKeys, 555, 11–35 (20 Jan 2016). doi: 10.3897/zookeys.555.6274


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