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Frederick Henry GRAVELY

Birthdate: 7 December 1885

Birthplace: Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England

Died: xxx

BIOGRAPHY: Studied at Friends' Schools, Ackworth, later in Bootham, Yorkshire, then at Manchester University, being preparator of Zoology 1907-1909. (From Bonnet). During 1920-40 AD, Dr.Frederick Henry Gravely became the Superintendent of the Government Museum of Chennai. When Dr. Frederic Henry Gravely took charge as Superintendent during 1920 AD, the investigation of the littoral fauna of Krusadai Island in the gulf of Mannar was undertaken. This investigation led to the revival of the Bulletin of the Madras Government Museum for the publication of the results of the researches. The collections were scientifically preserved, studied and interpreted by publishing research bulletins during the tenure of Dr. F.H. Gravely (1920 - 1940 AD). The reserve collection in the Zoology, particularly of Invertebrates was enlarged and improved. Dr. F.H. Gravely’s work on Arachnida and Mollusca helped in completing the gallery and the reserve collection in these two large Zoological groups. (From Chennai Museum webpage).

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Gravely, F. H., 1915. Notes on the habits of Indian insects, myriapods and arachnids. Records of the Indian Museum, Calcutta, 11: 483-539, pls. XXII-XXV.

Gravely, F. H., 1927. Arachnida and Insecta. In: The littoral fauna of Krusadai Island. Bulletin of the Madras Government Museum, Madras, Natural history section, N.S., 1(1): 161-162, 1 fig.


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