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Hans Jacob HANSEN

Birthdate: August 10, 1855

Birthplace: Bellinge, Denmark

Died: June 26, 1936


Hans Jacob Hansen (10th august 1855 in Bellinge - 26 June 1936 in Gentofte) was a Danish zoologist., Ph.D., polemicist.
HJ Hansen was born in Bellinge at Odense, the son of a smallholder Hans Hansen and his wife Kirsten Jacob's daughter, and he was in 1891 married Anna Elisabeth, born Rasmussen.
In 1875 HJ Hansen graduated from Odense Cathedral School in 1879 and MSc. in zoology. Doctor thesis (D.Phil.) In 1883.
HJ Hansen was employed at the Zoological Museum back in 1875, while he graduated. He worked as scientific assistant at the museum entomological department in 1885-1910 and was from 1910 granted the position of free scientific enterprise.
HJ Hansen has published numerous scientific papers, mostly in magazines and travel works in a dozen countries, but he has also published the writings of military-political and socio-critical content, which made him widely seen as a heretic. These included to 'Danish national defense readiness, "controversy about Danish nationality and identity, the" Jew question "and patriotism. Hansen published example pamphlet Jewish problem in 1923, a strong anti-Semitic and nationalistic writing. The pamphlet was published by the association Danish Association for Fremmedelementers limitation (which later changed its name to Dane-League) publishers. It was one of those days strongly anti-Semitic and right-wing extremist groups.
For many years (1908-31) was H.J. Hansen the "most prolific non-journalistic writer" in Jyllands-Posten.

[From Danish Wikipedia].



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