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Birthdate: 6 May 1862

Birthplace: Orczyfalva, Temes, Hungary

Died: 25 September 1943, Keszthely, Zala, Hungary

BIOGRAPHY: He was born in Orczyfalva. He completed his studies at the Budapest University of Sciences and the University of Technology. He taught at both universities, he worked in the zoology collection of the Hungarian National Museum. He established a workshop, where educational instruments and equipment was made. He took part in several expeditions. He worked for The Budapest Zoo and Botanical Gardens when they were re-organised. He was the director of the institution between 1911 and 1929. In 1917 he became an associate member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. For ten years he edited the scientific journal titled " Természet" /Science/. His scientific publications were mainly written about spiders. He was a Member of Parliament as well. In 1932 he resigned from scientific life, moved to Keszthely, where he was a popular figure of the town's social life. He died in Keszthely, in 1992 a memorial plaque was placed on the house where he had lived. (From


  • László Dányi (contributed PDF 1894)
  • András Varga (contributed PDFs - 1897. 1917)
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Lendl, A. (1894) A Magyar Nemzeti Muzeum Kaszáspókgyüjteménye [Opiliones Musaei Nationalis Hungarici]. Természetrajzi Füzetek, Budapest, 17(1–2), 1–33, pl. I-II.
Lendl, A. (1897) Myriopodák és Arachnoideák. In: Széchenyi, B. (Ed.), Kelet-ázsiai utazásának tudományos eredménye (1877-1880). Vol. II, Budapest, pp. 701-706.
Lendl, A. (1917) Die Muskelfasern der Arachniden. Annales historico-naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici, Budapest, 15, 229–275.


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