Richard Henry MEADE - papers on Opiliones

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Richard Henry MEADE

Birthdate: 1814

Birthplace: xxx

Died: 23.12.1899 in Bradford, England

BIOGRAPHY: He was a surgeon, and for twenty years a Justice of the Peace. He wrote chiefly on Muscidae. [Anonym 1900: Obituary [Meade, R. H.] - Ent. News 11 412]

Anonym 1900: [Meade, R. H.] - Misc. Entomol. 8 70

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Br Med J. 1899 December 30; 2(2035): 1817–1818.


  • Jason Dunlop (allowed access to facilities in ZMB, Berlin - 1861)
  • Hans-Ulrich Raake (helped me find titles, locate volumes, operate scan machine in ZMB, Berlin - 1861)
  • Ian S. Kury (sacrificed his leisure time to assist with the biblio-hunting in Berlin, 2009 - 1861)
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Meade, R.H. (1855) Monograph on the British Species of Phalangiidae or Harvest-men. Annals and Magazine of Natural History, ser. 2, 15(90), 393–416, pls. 10, 11.
Meade, R.H. (1861) Supplement to a monograph on the British species of Phalangiidae, or harvest-man. Annals and Magazine of Natural History, series 3, 7(42), 353–354.


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