Baltic authors - papers on Opiliones

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Eglitis, V.K.

Eichwald, Karl Eduard Ivanovich (b. Mitau, Latvia [now Jelgava, Latvian S.S.R.], 4 July 1795; d. St. Petersburg, Russia, 16 November 1876)

Spuņģis, Voldemārs

Tumšs, V.

Vilbaste, A.


  • Plamen Mitov (contributed PDF of Tumss 1963)
  • Jan Beccaloni & Sarah Sworder (allowed access to facilities in the NHM, London, 2013 - Eglitis 1954; Eichwald 1830).


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Eglitis, V.K. (1954) Fauna potsv Latvijskoj SSR [Soil fauna of the Latvian SSR]. Publishing House of the Academy of Sciences of Latvian SSR, Rīga, pp. 1–263 (in Russian).
Eichwald, E. (1830) Zoologia specialis, quam expositis animalibus tum vivis, tum fossilibus potissimum Rossiae in universum et Poloniae in specie, in usum lectionum publicarum in Universitate Caesarea Vilnensi [Special zoology as set forth for animals, both fossil and living mostly of Russia in general, and specifically in Poland, for the use of the public readings of the University of Vilnius]. Vol. 2. Josephi Zawadski, Vilnae, 323 pp.

Spungis, Voldemars (2008) Fauna, distribution, habitat preference and abundance of harvestmen (Opiliones) in Latvia. Latvijas Entomologs, 45, 14–24.

Tumšs, V. (1963) Par Latvijas PSR neīsto zirnekļu (Opiliones) faunu [Über die Weberknechtefauna (Opiliones) der Lettischen SSR]. Latvijas entomologs, Rigā, 7, 53–58, 1 map (in Latvian).
paper needed Vilbaste, A. (1959) Über die Spinnenfauna der Kratschicht des Avaste-Niedermoores. Entomoloogiline kogumik, Tartu, 1, 29–36 (in Estonian).



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