Latin American authors - papers on Opiliones

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  • Aylin Alegre Barroso (Cuba)
  • Ludson Neves de Ázara (Brazil): Research Gate
  • Ligia R. Benavides (Colombia)
  • Carlos Rommel Beutelspacher Baigts (Mexico)
  • Daniel S. Caetano (Brazil)
  • Pio A.Colmenares (Venezuela): Research Gate
  • Arturo Germán Frers (Argentina, 1900-1925)
  • Andrés F. García (Colombia)
  • Conchita Pinzón (Colombia)
  • Nathalia Sena Polydoro (Brazil)
  • Willians Porto (Brazil): Research Gate
  • César Augusto Rodriguez Torres (Colombia, 1952-2009)
  • Julio A. Rosas Costa (Argentina)






  • Juliana "Yuckie" Machado (digitalized RC 1950).
  • Jesus Cruz (PDF Beutelspacher 1988).
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