Plamen Genkov MITOV - papers on Opiliones

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Plamen Genkov MITOV

Birthdate: 20 December 1959
Birthplace: Sofia, Bulgaria
Nationality: Bulgarian
Marital status: Married, with one child.

1984, MSc in Zoology; BSc in Biology and Chemistry, Faculty of Biology, P. Hilendarski University of Plovdiv; graduation thesis at the Chair of Zoology (Entomologie).
1984-1986, work as a teacher in biology and chemistry in a secondary school.
1994, Working as an expert for The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe: evaluation of project proposals under the earmarked area "Environmental Education".
1986-1996, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology and Anthropology, Faculty of Biology, Sofia University (= SU).
1996-2003, Chief Assistant Professor, SU
2000, PhD (Zoology) University of Plovdiv “P. Hilendarski”, thesis: “Faunistic, biological and ecological investigation on the Opiliones from Vitosha Mts. with some zoogeographical notes”.
2003-present, Associate Professor (Docent), SU
2006, DAISIE (Delivering Alien Invasive Inventories for Europe) – expert.

Office Address:
Department of zoology and anthropology, Faculty of Biology, Sofia University, 8 Dragan Tzankov Boul., Sofia 1164, Bulgaria, Phone: (++359) - 2 – 81671241, Fax: (++359) - 2 – 8656641, E-mail:

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MITOV, P. and STOYANOV, I. (2004): The Harvestmen Fauna (Opiliones, Arachnida) of the City of Sofia (Bulgaria) and its Adjacent Regions. In: L. Penev, J. Niemelä, D.J. Kotze & N. Chipev (eds.), Ecology of the City of Sofia. Species and Communities in an Urban Environment, pp. 319-354. PENSOFT Publishers, Sofia-Moscow.

MITOV, P.G. and STOYANOV I.L. (2005): Ecological profiles of harvestmen (Arachnida, Opiliones) from Vitosha Mountain (Bulgaria): A mixed modeling approach using GAMS. The Journal of Arachnology 33, 2: 256-268.

BERON, P. & MITOV, P. (1996): Cave Opilionida in Bulgaria. - Historia naturalis bulgarica, 6: 17-23.

COKENDOLPHER, J.C. and MITOV, P.G. (2006): Enemies, Endozoism, and Epizoism. (Chapter 2). - In: Pinto da Rocha, R., Machado, G. & Giribet, G. (eds.), The Harvestmen: The Biology of Opiliones. Harvard University Press, Boston. (in press).

DELTSEV, C., PETROV, B. P., P. MITOV (2005): Faunistic diversity of Class Arachnida (non Acari) in Bulgaria – present state, importance and perspectives. In: A. Petrova, A. (ed.), Current state of Bulgarian biodiversity – problems and perspectives. Pp. 129-151. Bulgarian Bioplatform, Dragon, Sofia (in Bulgarian, with English abstract).

LYMBERAKIS, P., MITOV, P., CHATZAKI, M. and MYLONAS, M. (in press). Phenology of Opiliones on an altitudinal gradient at Lefka Ori mountains, Crete, Greece. – Mediterranean Ecology.

POINAR G. O. JR, CURCIC B. P. M., KARAMAN I. M., COKENDOLPHER J. C., & MITOV P. (2000): Nematode parasitism of harvestmen (Opiliones: Arachnida). - Nematology, 2(6): 587-590.


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