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Sergei Mikhailovich MORIN

Cергей Михайлович МОРИН

Birthdate: 20 September 1863.
Birthplace: Odessa, Ukraine.
Died: 1941
Nationality: Ukrainian..


Sergei Mikhailovich (Israel Moishevich) Morin was born in a family of Odessa civil servants on 20 September 1863. In 1882, he successfully left a classical high school in Nikolaev, then (in 1882-1886) became an undergraduate student of the Natural History division of the Physico- Mathematical Faculty of the Novorossisk Imperial University. After the graduation in 1886, Morin continued to work on the Zoology Department under the supervision of A.O. Kovalevski.
From 1889 to 1918, Morin taught the physics at the Jewish State high school in Odessa. In 1918- 1920, Morin returned to the Novorossisk Imperial University, first as an Assistant and then as a Senior Assistant of the Department of Zoology, Comparative Anatomy and Physiology. In 1920, he moved to the Odessa Institute of People Education where for a decade he held various lecturer positions, and eventually, in 1930, was granted by a post of full professor. On 1 October 1930, a new branch of the Research Zoological-Biological Institute (RZBI) consisted of 4 sections and 3 museums was founded, and Morin started to work in the Section of Faunistics, Ecology and Microbiology. In September 1933, the RZBI became a part of the re-established Odessa State University, and Morin moved to the Zoology Department where he was giving courses of Zoology of Invertebrates and Zoogeography. S.M. Morin was both an erudite specialist and an exacting tutor, who effectively combined his own research with educational activity.
Besides the Opiliones, his broad scientific interests also included the biology/taxonomy of Decapoda and Annelida, research on the excretion and physiology of Arthropoda, a comparative- morphological studies of Chitona, the embryology of spiders, etc.

Excerpts from: Ryasikov, L., Bogatchik, T. and Savtchuk L. 2005. [In memoriam of the professor Sergei Mikhailovich Morin]. In: Tenth Conference of Young Historians of Science and Engineering, Kyiv: 144-150 [in Russian].


  • Nataly Snegovaya (contributed PDF - 1937, confirmed references).
  • Evgeni Zhukovets (provided PDF 1934 and Morin's picture).
  • Dmitri Logunov (provided biography)
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  Morin, S.M. (1931) Materialy po faune Opiliones (senokostsev) Ukrainy. In: Schmalhausen, I.I. (Ed.), Trudy Chetvertogo Vsesoyuznogo S'ezda Zoologov, Anatomov, i Gistologov [Proceedings of the IV. Congress of the Zoologists, Anatomists, and Histologists of the U.S.S.R.] (Kiev-Har'kov, 6–12 May 1930) [378 pp.]. Gosmedizat SSSR, Kiev, pp. 59–61 (in Ukrainian).
Morin, S.M. (1934) Матеріали до фауни Opiliones-косарів України [= Materialy do fauny Opiliones-kosariv Ukrayiny; = Materials on the fauna of Opiliones of Ukraine]. Одеський державний університет. Труди Зоологічного науково-дослідчого інституту [= Odessa State University. Proceedings of the Zoological Science and Research Institute], 1934, 11–38, 3 pl. (in Ukrainian, with German summary).
Morin S.M. (1937) Кавказькі Opiliones – косари [Kavkaz’ki Opiliones – kosary  = Caucasian Opiliones – kosary]. Trudy Odesskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta (Otd. Biol.) [Works of the Odessa State University. Department of Biological Sciences], 2, 209–222 (in Ukrainian with German summary).



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