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Birthdate: 1936

Birthplace: Linares, Chile.

Co-author: Christian Juberthie.

1954: B.Sc.
1955-1961: Veterinary, Universidad de Chile. Thesis on Genetics of heredity.
1962-1965: studies on Cell Biology and Experimental Zoology in the Science Faculty of Paris.
1965-1967: Professor of Zoology in the Centro de Investigaciones Zoologicas, Universidad de Chile, Santiago.
1968-present: studied biology of Gonyleptidae in the Natural History Museu, Paris, backed by CNRS.
1969: Ph.D. thesis on embriology and post-embriological development of Gonyleptidae.
1970-present: curator of Opiliones in the MNHN, Paris. Research on comparative development of visual system of cave vs epigean Opiliones.
1978: State Doctorate Thesis on eye regression in Opiliones.

1979: organized colloquium on invertebrate vision in Paris.
1980-present: research on circadian rhythm of arachnids.
1983, 1986: Took part in the advanced courses organized by NATO, ASI.
Other production on photoreceptor structure and vision in arachnids and ontogeny of central nervous system in arachnids.


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  • Osvaldo Villarreal (provided accurate publication date - 1976).
  • Axel Schönhofer (corrected mistake of authorship - MCJ 1970).
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with co-authors
Juberthie, C. & Muñoz-Cuevas, A. (1970) Revision de Chileogovea oedipus Roewer (Opiliones: Cyphophthalmi: Sironinae) Senckenbergiana biologica, 51(1/2), 109–118.
Muñoz-Cuevas, A. & Vachon, M. (1979) Données sur le developpement postembryonnaire du tarse chez les Triaenonychidae et considerations sur la phylogénie de cette famille dans l'Amerique Australe (Opil: Arach). Revue Arachnologique, 2(6), 253–257.


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