Koji NAKATSUJI - papers on Opiliones

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(also Kodi NAKATSUDI)

Birthdate: 4 November 1911

Birthplace: Osaka, Japan.

Died: 12 April 1945, Cebu, Phillipines

BIOGRAPHY: 1911 (November 4) Born in Osaka.
1932 Entered in Tokyo University of Agriculture
1936 Graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture
After the graduation he continued his arachnological research at Tokyo University of Agriculture
1939-1940 went to the northeastern China as a Second Lieutenant of Japan Army
1945 (April 12) Died on the battlefield in Is. Cebu, The Philippines.-
He described 5 new species of ticks, 5 new species of Opiliones (3 of them as new genera), and 10 new species of spiders in 13 papers published from 1936 to 1943. For the identity of the opilionid species described by Nakatsudi, see Tsurusaki (1994).


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  • Ian S. Kury (contributed PDF 1937).
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Nakatsuji, K. (1937) Notes on a new genus and two new species of Arachnida from the island of Paramushir, Northern Kuriles, Japan. Tokyo Nogyo Daigaku [Journal of Agricultural Science], Tokyo, 1(1), 22-27, pl. 1.
Nakatsuji, K. (1942a) On a new species of Opiliones from the island of Amami-Ôsima. wG [= Doubutsugaku zasshi =  Zoological Magazine],  Tokyo, 54(12), 506–508. (In English).
ҍk [Nakatsuji, K.] (1942b) mY̒w偗 [Some arachnids from the southeast Asia]. Acta arachnologica, Osaka, 7(2), 70-80. (In Japanese).
Nakatsuji, K. (1943) On some harvesters from Manchuria and Inner Mongolia. Dobutsugaku Zasshi [Zoological Magazine], Tokyo, 55(3), 106–113. pls. I-II, figs. 1–4 (in Japanese with English summary).


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