Victor Goyannes Dill ORRICO - papers on Opiliones

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Victor Goyannes Dill ORRICO

Birthdate: 16 August 1980

Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro

Died: not yet

AKA: Menudão; although Orrico is the last name and should be properly used, everybody refers to him as "Dill" (no relation to the spice).

BIOGRAPHY: Victor is stubborn but not completely stupid. Has problems to decide what he wants to do with is professional life. Presumably his idol is Peter Weygoldt, but not much is known on this subject. Hopefully we'll get rid of him someday, until then...

B.Sc. in Biology/Zoology UNI-RIO, 2004.

M.Sc. National Museum, Rio, 2006 (with frogs).

Lattes curriculum CNPq:

DISCLAIMER — This resource was first intended as for private use of the members of the arachnology lab of Museu Nacional, but later we thought "why not to share this with the world?". Eventually if greedy lawyers (redundance...) start to bother us with copyright matters, etc, we may have to be forced to quit the project and keep this just to ourselves.

Kury, A.B. & Orrico, Victor G. D., 2006. A new species of Lacronia Strand, 1942 from the highlands of Rio de Janeiro (Opiliones, Gonyleptidae, Pachylinae). Revista Ibérica de Aracnologia, Zaragoza, 13: 147-153. [Date of publ: 30 June 2006].

Orrico, V.G.D. & AB Kury. 2009. A cladistic analysis of the Stygnicranainae Roewer, 1913, with description of three new species (Arachnida, Opiliones, Cranaidae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society [in press]


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