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Alpheus Spring PACKARD, Jr.

Birthdate: 19 February 1839

Birthplace: Brunswick, Maine, USA

Died: Providence, Rhode Island, 14 February 1905

BIOGRAPHY: (by Aldemaro Romero) -- He was Professor of Zoology and Geology (from 1878) at Brown University (Rhode Island, USA). As a boy, he collected and read about mollusks and their shells, encouraged by his father, a professor of classical languages. Packard was well known at this time in the Boston Society of Natural History, and was acquainted with Louis Agassiz, A.A. Gould, S. F. Baird, and other mid-century naturalists in America. Packard attended Harvard with Agassiz as his teacher. His youthful interests expanded to insects, fishes, and general marine zoology, a precursor of his adult contributions.

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