Georg Wolfgang Franz PANZER - papers on Opiliones

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Georg Wolfgang Franz PANZER

Birthdate: 1755

Birthplace: Etzebwangen in the Palatinate, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.

Died: 28 June 1829 at Hersbruck near Nuremburg.

BIOGRAPHY: Georg Wolfgang Franz Panzer was a German botanist and entomologist. He was born in 1755 at Etzebwangen in the Palatinate and died 28 June 1829 at Hersbruck near to Nuremburg. A physician he practised at Hersbruck. A celebrated botanist, he had a very species rich herbarium. He also assembled a very important insect collection which was the basis of a vast work Faunae insectorum germanicae initia oder Deutschlands Insecten (Elements of the insect fauna of Germany), published at Nürnberg between 1796 and 1813. Illustrated by Jacob Sturm (1771–1848), with more than 2,600 hand-colored plates of individual, lifesize insects, this work was issued in 109 parts over the 17 year period of it's serial publication, a common pattern for illustrated natural history works in the 18th and 19th centuries. [From Wikipedia]


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Panzer, G.W.F. (1794) Faunae Insectorum Germanicae initia oder Deutschlands Insecten. Zweyter Jahrgang. XIII-XXIV Heft. Felseckersche Buchhandlung, Nürnberg, 284 pp. + 284 pl.


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