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Thomas SAY

Birthdate: June 27, 1787

Birthplace: Philadelphia

Died: October 10, 1834, New Harmony, IN

BIOGRAPHY: He was an American naturalist, entomologist, malacologist and carcinologist. He was a taxonomist and is often considered to be the founder of descriptive entomology in the United States. Say described over 1,000 new species of beetles and over 400 species of insects of other orders. No single individual before had discovered more new species than him.

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Say, T., 1891. An account of the Arachnids of the United States. Pp. 9-24 in: J. L. LeConte, ed., The complete writings of Thomas Say on the entomology of North America. Vol. 2. pp. 8-25, A. E. Foote Publishers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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