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Birthdate: 27 June 1887

Birthplace: Sárvár, Vas County, Hungary.

Died: 11 March 1970 in Budapest.

Nationality: Hungarian

BIOGRAPHY: Born 27 June 1887 in Sárvár, Vas County, Hungary. Basic education in Szombathely. Received the degree of teacher in 1912, started Ph.D. in the same year. In 1924 he was associated with the Zoology Section of the National Museum, where, in 1934 he has been named a First Class Museologist. Member of the Natural History Society. Published more than 200 papers, of which 100 original contributions, many books, and a huge manuscript on Hydracarina. Worked on Biology, Ecology, Faunistics, Biogeography, Systematics and Physiology. Died on 11 March 1970 in Budapest. [Adapted from Allodiatoris, 1973].


Allodiatoris, Irma (1973) Megemlékezés Dr. Szalay Laszlóról (1887-1970). Folia entomologica hungarica (series nova), 26(1), 5–16.



  • Gábor Lengyel (spelling correction)
  • András Varga (picture of LS; discovery and PDF necrology; PDFs - 1951, 1953, 1968)
  • Mariana Lucas (digitalized - 1932, 1949)


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