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August Otto Theodor TELLKAMPF

Birthdate: 27 April 1812

Birthplace: Heinde, Germany

Died: 7 September 1883, Hannover, Germany

BIOGRAPHY: He lived nearly 40 years in the USA and married in 1858 in New York (USA) with Marie von Roth. The couple had 1 child. 1831 - 1833 he studied in Göttingen. 1839 - 1843 he lived in the USA. 1845 - 1880 he lived as a physician in New York. Brother of the economist Johann Louis Tellkampf.

In 1838 he received a doctorate in Medicine from the University of Wurzburg, Bavaria, and immigrated into the Unites States in 1839, where he practiced medicine in Cleveland and New York. He ‘Americanized’ his name by adding either ‘A.’ or ‘G.’ as his middle initial. He had some interests in cave fauna, having visited Mammoth Cave in October 1842 (Tellkampf 1844a,b), and described several species of invertebrates. He was a member of the Lyceum of Natural History of New York (Romero 2001b).

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Tellkampf, Theodor G., 1844b. Über den blinden Fisch der Mammuth-Höhle in Kentucky, mit Bemerkungen über einige andere in dieser Höhle lebenden Thiere. Müllers Archiv für Anatomie und Physiologie, Leipzig, 4: 384-394.

Tellkampf, Theodor G., 1845. Memoirs on the blind fishes and other animals living in the Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. New York J. Med. & The Collateral Sci., 5: 84-93.


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