Frank Archibald Sinclair TURK - papers on Opiliones

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Frank Archibald Sinclair TURK

Birthdate: 15 January 1911

Birthplace: Wimbledon, London

Died: 14 February 1996

BIOGRAPHY: Frank A. Turk was born on 15 January 1911 and educated at King's College School, Wimbledon, and at London University. After some months in Italy necessitated by ill health, and a period working in the Prosectorium of the Zoological Society, he became fascinated by the study of mites; and just before the War turned also to the field of adult education. Established since 1940 in his Cornish cottage, which houses his extensive collections and his library of some twelve thousand volumes, he has published work on myriapods and mites, on false-scorpions and Solpugida with an accuracy and authority that is the envy of his correspondents. A deep thinker, whose wide interests include Chinese and Japanese culture, gardening, Siamese cats, poetry, art and music, Turk provides an example of first-class scientific work, carried on in a private laboratory, remote from museums and universities.


  • Stella Turk (contributed picture of Frank Turk; provided photocopies - 1945a, 1948).
  • Bernard Lebreton (contributed T 1964).
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Turk, F.A. (1945a) New opilionids (Laniatores) from Indian Caves. Annals and Magazine of Natural History, (series 11) 12(87), 202–207, 10 figs.
  Turk, F.A. (1945b)  A correction and additional data to two former papers on opilionids and Diplopods from Indian Caves. Annals and Magazine of Natural History, (series 11) 12(39), 420.
Turk, F.A. (1948) Records and descriptions of new and little-known opiliones, mostly cavernicolous. Annals and Magazine of Natural History, (series 12) 1(4), 254–262. [Issued Oct 1948].
Turk, F.A. (1964) Obituary Notice. Prof. Dr. C. F. Roewer. Annals and Magazine of Natural History, (series 13) 6 [“1963”], 315–316. [Issued “May 1963”?].
  Turk, F.A. (1967) The non-aranean arachnid orders and the myriapods of British caves and mines. Transactions of the Cave Research Group of Great Britain, 9(3), 142–161.



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Picture of FA Turk courtesy of Stella Turk through Nic Harrison-White. The photo was taken about 1985 by Andrew Lanyon, artist, writer and photographer and a close friend of the Turk family.

Biographical sketch from Savory T H, 1961.
Spiders Men and Scorpions. 191pp. Univ. London Press. London. [info on FA Turk at p 176]. I greatly thank Stella Turk for her kind attention and suplementary information.