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Horatio C WOOD

Birthdate: 13 January 1841

Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Died: 3 January 1920

BIOGRAPHY: Born into a Quaker family. Educated at the Friends Select School. In 1886 married Elizabeth H. Longacre and they had three sons and a daughter. The middle name is often abbreviated as "C" without period. It was presumably "Charles". He received his M.D. Degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1862. His most notable production is in the field of Therapeutics, but he also contributed on botany and invertebrate zoology.


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Wood, Jr., H.C. (1868) On the Phalangeae of the United States of America. Proceedings of the Essex Institute, Communications, Salem, Mass., 6(1), 10-40.
Wood, Jr., H.C. (1869) On the Phalangia and Pedipalpi collected by Professor Orton in Western South America, with the description of new African species. Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, 13, 435–442.


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