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Assorted papers by various authors

Please note that the expression "minor authors" does not express any judgement of value. It refers only to authors who focused on other things and therefore produced very few papers on Opiliones. A "minor author" for Opiliones may be a "major author" for spiders for example.


  • BAS (contributed PDF Merrett 1984)
  • Christine Rollard & Mark Judson (allowed access to facilities in MNHN, Paris, 2013 - PDFs Falconer 1927a, Gasperini 1891-1892).
  • Jan Beccaloni & Sarah Sworder (allowed access to facilities in the NHM, London, 2013 - Bristowe 1928).
  • Laura Leibensperger (provided reprint of Katayama & Post 1974).
  • MNRJ library (provided reprint of Lotz 2002).Pavel Bezděčka (contributed PDF of Dolansky 1997)
  • Janet Beccaloni + Milena Kury (reavers of London libraries, provided photocopies of Bacelar ; 1950; Ermolajev 1937)
  • Theo Blick (contributed PDFs - Herbst, 1798, 1799)
  • Luca Cavigioli (contributed PDFs Carr 1919, Olsen 1995).
  • Emmanuel Delfosse (contributed PDF - Berland 1949)
  • Jason Dunlop, Anja Friederichs, Ian S. Kury & Hans-Ulrich Raake (participated in my biblio-hunt in ZMB, Berlin 2009 -- PDFs Müllers)
  • Ian S. Kury (contributed PDFs - Delany 1959; Dugès 1885; Walker 1928; provided photocopies - Janczyk 1956, Roth 1851)
  • Milena Kury (contributed Graaf 1882)
  • Gonzalo Giribet (contributed PDFs - Silvestri 1904)
  • Lars Friman (contributed PDF - Costa 1885)
  • Dmitri Logunov (provided photocopies - Farzalieva & Esyunin 2000)
  • Plamen Mitov (contributed PDF - Wang 1941).
  • John Ponting (indicated link to Stolicka 1869, contributed PDFs Baert et al. 1995; Bowser 2008; Bragg & Holmberg 2009; Cantrell 1980; Gertsch 1939; Moritz 1973)
  • Nataly Snegovaya (contributed PDF - Bogachev 1951).
  • Axel Schönhofer (contributed PDF - Müller & Schenkel 1895)
  • Daniele Souza (digitalized - Cawley 1995; Dugès 1886).
  • Wojciech Staręga (contributed PDFs - Lotz 2009, 2011).
  • Andras Varga (contributed PDF - Bokor 1996).
  • Chao Zhang (contributed PDF - Wang 1953).


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PDF from JOA local copy.

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